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In 2022, Strawberry reported a total of 49,439 ton CO₂e, and a net revenue of M USD, resulting in a emissions intensity of t CO₂e / M USD.


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Emissions, Revenue & Intensity

201920202021202205,00010,00015,00020,00025,00030,00035,00040,00045,00050,00055,000t CO₂02004006008001,0001,2001,400M USD

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Net Revenue (M USD)1,373.95791.931,069.02
Revenue Source
Emissions Overview2019202020212022
Total Emissions - Market Based (t CO₂e)
Emissions Intensity (t CO₂e / M USD)32.2466.4439.51
Cradle-to-gate Intensity (t CO₂e / M USD)
Emissions Details2019202020212022
Scope 112,93215,0034,9465,153
Scope 2
Scope 2 - Location Based
Scope 2 - Market Based
Scope 2 - Not specified13,18916,73316,29221,458
Scope 318,17520,87621,00222,828
Upstream Emissions
1. Purchased goods and services
2. Capital goods
3. Fuel- and energy-related activities
4. Upstream transportation and distribution
5. Waste generated in operations
6. Business travel
7. Employee commuting
8. Upstream leased assets
Downstream Emissions
9. Downstream transportation and distribution
10. Processing of sold products
11. Use of sold products
12. End-of-life treatment of sold products
13. Downstream leased assets
14. Franchises
15. Investments
Total Emissions44,29652,61242,24049,439
Emission Source
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