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Nordic Climate Transparency Leadership | Special Report

Together with We Don’t Have Time, the world’s largest media platform for climate action, we have released a special report, Nordic Climate Transparency Leadership, on CSRD readiness with focus on climate reporting and science-based targets.

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Open Sustainability Index

Open Sustainability Index is a global, free and open-source database where anyone can view, report, and edit data. The goal of the platform is to democratize and make sustainability data from all the world’s companies accessible and comparable to accelerate the transition to a sustainable society.


Access to the world’s corporate sustainability data is open and easy for everyone.


Anyone can contribute to the open database with publicly disclosed data. 


All data is universally and globally accessible, by default.


The data is free for all non-commercial use; for commercial purposes, please get in touch. 


Ensuring data comparability, to enable informed decision-making.


Anyone can report and review disclosed data, always with sources cited.


Make informed decisions based on comparable and transparent data.

Open source

The database is open to build upon, under CC BY SA 4.0 license.


An open, democratized, global, free, comparable, transparent, actionable, open source database.


Do you see some missing data? Please help fill the gaps. You are more than welcome to contribute to build a free, open, global, sustainability data platform. Your actions matter.

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Our mission is to encompass all publicly reported sustainability data. At the outset, we’re currently covering 588 major corporations across 51 industries, representing a total revenue of 57,146 billion USD. We aspire to expand this scope significantly, leveraging the support of a global community.


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57,146 B

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