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We’re working to democratize sustainability data from companies worldwide – to accelerate the transition to a sustainable and circular economy

In Brief

Open Sustainability Index is a global, free and open-source sustainability database, similar to Wikipedia, where anyone can view, report, and edit data.

The goal of the platform is to democratize and make sustainability data from all the world’s companies accessible to accelerate the transition.

Our Vision 

Our vision is a future where every individual and organization has unimpeded access to the sustainability data they need to make informed decisions and contribute meaningfully to the planet’s health and society’s wellbeing.

We see a world where transparency reigns, where every impact is disclosed and accounted for, and where information is the foundation of accountability and transformation.

We envision a community united by shared facts and a commitment to act, propelling humanity towards a more sustainable and equitable existence.

Our Mission 

In a world where humanity faces multiple global challenges, our mission is to democratize sustainability data.

We strive to make this vital information accessible and comparable for all – empowering individuals, communities, and organizations to make informed decisions. 

Our goal is to cultivate a global, open-source database akin to a “Wikipedia for sustainability data” – one that serves not only the public but also the private sector. 

By offering easily accessible, transparent, verifiable, and comparable sustainability data, we believe that we can drive collective action and advance the transition towards a more sustainable future.

What We Are 

We are the custodians of a vital repository — a home dedicated to open accessible sustainability data and the imperative to advance transition for the sake of humanity.

The platform is the common ground for action, providing the transparency necessary to compare advances, impacts, hold entities accountable, and making informed decisions.

Through a collaborative, open-source database, we want to ensure that every data point counts towards the greater goal of a sustainable economy.

Who We Are 

We are an open community, hosted and supported by Our Commons Foundation, a non-governmental and non-profit organization committed to future-proofing our planet for future generations, stopping climate change, and accelerating the transition to a sustainable society.

The database is not just a collection of data; it is a call to arms for the environment, an invitation to every global citizen to engage, contribute, and enhance our common understanding of climate and social impact.

The OSI team

Read and Write Access 

Our database thrives on the principle of collective wisdom, drawing data from the open web. 

The platform enables companies to self-report and verify their sustainability data, offering a space where community-edited content meets corporate transparency. 

We operate on a model where verified data stands alongside community contributions, creating a tapestry of information that is as comprehensive as it is trustworthy. 

Anyone can contribute and report data, and anyone can access it. That’s the foundation of the platform. 

Join Us 

We invite you to be part of this open sustainability data platform. 

Whether you are an individual seeking to make a difference, a company aiming to disclose your commitment to a sustainable society, or a researcher in pursuit of the truth, our doors are open. 

Help us map the impacts of our communities, and together, let’s navigate the path to a more sustainable tomorrow.

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