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In 2023, Glencore reported a total of 432,808,160 ton CO₂e, and a net revenue of 217,829 M USD, resulting in a emissions intensity of 1,986.92 t CO₂e / M USD.


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Emissions, Revenue & Intensity

201920202021202220230100,000,000200,000,000300,000,000400,000,000500,000,000600,000,000t CO₂050,000100,000150,000200,000250,000300,000M USD

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Net Revenue (M USD)215,111142,338203,751255,984217,829
Revenue Source
Emissions Overview20192020202120222023
Total Emissions - Market Based (t CO₂e)553,653,679440,792,002441,847,548397,489,629432,808,160
Emissions Intensity (t CO₂e / M USD)2,573.83,096.82,168.571,552.791,986.92
Cradle-to-gate Intensity (t CO₂e / M USD)
Emissions Details20192020202120222023
Scope 118,991,59215,172,43115,974,28916,387,69316,716,613
Scope 2
Scope 2 - Location Based13,333,43510,389,14111,901,12011,840,5079,663,118
Scope 2 - Market Based13,945,94911,598,44512,974,96212,841,08710,331,408
Scope 2 - Not specified
Scope 3520,716,138414,021,126412,898,297368,260,849405,760,139
Upstream Emissions
1. Purchased goods and services17,803,12312,422,85014,094,54914,651,84316,544,196
2. Capital goods2,327,1651,426,1962,033,9151,660,0061,925,945
3. Fuel- and energy-related activities5,088,8544,237,8514,611,0354,693,3044,525,775
4. Upstream transportation and distribution5,386,9154,966,6495,087,0894,957,3125,385,619
5. Waste generated in operations
6. Business travel
7. Employee commuting
8. Upstream leased assets
Downstream Emissions
9. Downstream transportation and distribution3,432,2082,843,7953,092,3042,582,9622,527,961
10. Processing of sold products20,326,89319,132,29120,205,96116,426,12217,463,599
11. Use of sold products431,065,047334,032,684330,987,756293,403,078324,404,588
12. End-of-life treatment of sold products
13. Downstream leased assets
14. Franchises
15. Investments35,285,93334,958,81032,785,68929,886,22232,982,455
Total Emissions553,653,679440,792,002441,847,548397,489,629432,808,160
Emission Source
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